Inflatable Surfboard 305 x 84 x 15 cm Bestway 65346

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Inflatable Surfboard 305 x 84 x 15 cm Bestway 65346

Stand-up inflatable paddling board. Whether you're planning a day of ocean exploration or a quiet morning by a tranquil lake, the included inflatable paddle board is exactly what you need to start your adventure. This board is classified as a universal board which means it has the perfect shape for safe and multifunctional riding and can be easily transformed into a kayak with an attached seat and footrest. The material is resistant to the elements and puncture, as well as an elegant look, this is a winning combination for anyone who wants to hit the water. No matter where you go, there is no competition for this board. The board material is extremely stiff, water-stable and reliable in all weather conditions. The light paddle included in the set makes communication much easier. The removable fin increases steering power and speed, making users feel like professionals on the water! After detaching the fin, we get a compact, neat product that takes up little space. The board is also equipped with a leash so that you will never stray from the board, and a convenient travel bag that makes transporting the inflated board very pleasant.


The set includes:

- 1 board

- 1 paddle

- 1 hand pump

- 1 backpack

- 1 lanyard coiled

- 1 seat

-1 footrest

- 1 fin

- Repair Kit


14 kg

Size of the package:

40 cm x 89 cm x 29 cm